My students and I were blessed to travel with Immersion Tours. Our local tour guide was extremely passionate about the region and made the experience unforgettable. I saw my students faces lit up with joy, all day long from the educational tours, to the scenic views, and finally the interactive games in the evening.  They learned so much about Quebec history and were so excited to practice their French. The competitive games to entice them to practice French were effective and I can say without a doubt that their motivation to improve their French has increased. I would, without hesitation, recommend Immersion Tours to any French teacher looking to take their students on an educational tour. Merci beaucoup pour l'expérience inoubliable!

Sharon, AZ

It is a pleasure to work with Immersion Tours. The staff is efficient and professional. Our trips are educational and very fun.

Andrea, MA

Christian and Julie are easy to work with and Immersion Tours is a fantastic company to travel, explore, and learn with.....

Gina, OH

Year after year Immersion Tours continues to do an amazing job with our trip. They are personable, the guides are great and the kids stay busy and involved the entire trip. I would never use a different company.

Jennifer, VA

We absolutely LOVED our trip to Quebec and would not hesitate to use Immersion Tours again!  We had the most incredible tour guide and the kids loved all of the activities. The immersion aspect was one of the best things about the trip. The students really enjoyed the opportunity to earn coupons along the way for using their French and the prizes at the end were fantastic souvenirs of their experience! All of us came away with a new appreciation and love for the culture of Quebec City.  The kids are still talking about it!

Lisa, OH

The Quebec Trip with Immersion Tour is unique and students talk about it for many years. It is a trip that they will remember for the rest of their lives. It is the best!

Mireille, MA

We love Immersion Tours! Everything is carefully planned from the first phone call until everyone arrives home safely! All the students and adults agreed that our trip surpassed all of our expectations! Merci infiniment!

Candy, TX

As long-time clients of Immersion Tours, we've always had a phenomenal experience. While we've had pressure to change providers to align all our trips under one provider, we've elected to stick with Immersion due to their exceptional service and personal attention to the details of our trip.

Veronique, AB


Immersion Tours thinks of everything.  From the booking to the nighttime security, teachers have total peace of mind because of the company's professional and organized management of the itinerary.  Merci, Immersion Tours!

Jesse, BC

All the marvelous reviews I read regarding Immersion Tours were spot on!  This company comes very highly recommended!  They had our best interests at heart. Our students can't wait to return to la belle ville de Québec!  Merci mille fois!

Terry, MD

From start to finish Immersion Tours has the students' best interests in mind. The activities, the focus on French and the history of Quebec all add up to a memorable and educational trip. The students just got back yesterday and are already asking me when they can go back.

Laurel, MD

Immersion Tours provides an outstanding experience, which is why we have used them since 2008.  We would not consider using another tour company because they provide a complete language and cultural experience that I want for my French students.

Alice, GA

We especially appreciated Immersion Tours and our guide's attention to timing. We moved from place to place or activity to activity at just the right pace for our students. Students were constantly engaged and experiencing new things and we were never kept waiting. We enjoyed the many hands on or competition-style activities that were perfect for keeping middle schoolers' attention

Bethany, MD

Immersion Tours takes care of teachers and their groups from the time they step on the bus at their school.  Everything is thought of and arranged. The food is delicious, the place is sane, and the night guardian gives peace of mind and a good night's sleep. I have traveled to la belle province 5 times with Immersion tours and the kids never want to leave

Tamara, MA

We have had over 20 tours with Immersion tours to Montreal (for a day) or Quebec (for a weekend) with middle school students.  Immersion offers a great program with just enough to keep the students engaged in the day and not too overwhelmed at being in a different country.  I have had other tour companies try to get me to switch and I won't.  I am happy with our Immersion Tour.

Amy, NY

Immersion Tours provides a wonderful experience for students! Our guide was knowledgeable, fun and interactive with our group. The students loved her:-) I highly recommend using Immersion Tours!

Elizabeth, LA

We had a fantastic tour with Immersion - our students were engaged, had so much fun, while learning all about the culture, history, and day to day life in Quebec City.

Kristina, BC

I so thoroughly enjoy working with Immersion Tours!  Everyone is professional, and enthusiastic.  I look forward to coming again in 2 years.

Megan, WI

Immersion Tours took very good care of our group during our stay in Quebec City and Montreal. The students and I had a wonderful time and our guide Diane was the BEST.

Kim, MI

Immersion tours offers an amazing experience for both students and chaperones. The trip includes a variety of cultural, historical and physical activities.  Our Middle School Students were fully engaged in all of the activities offered and came back to school with a new sense of pride in being Canadian.

Julie, BC

Our guide was fantastic! She spoke excellent, comprehensible French, was knowledgeable about the places we visited, and did a wonderful job of reading and matching the student's energy and interest level.

April, CO

I have nothing negative to say about Immersion Tours. You are professional and courteous in every way imaginable, and I would definitely tour with you again and recommend you to others.

Nathan, OH

Québec is the perfect place to inspire students to love francophone culture.  Immersion Tours succeeds in giving students and adult travelers a fascinating, exciting, and memorable stay in Québec.  My first visit was beyond imagination.  I hope to return with future students as they experience this beautiful city and its rich history.

Maria, PA

The variety and well-planned activities kept the students interested, amused, and educated. I will not look further as I plan future trips for students.

Beth, PA

We had a wonderful time. The trip was well organized with no stress. It was even stress free for the chaperone. It was my second time and we all loved it. Merci beaucoup!

Francoise, NJ

Immersion Tours made travel easy from start to finish. Every activity and tour was student-centered fun. This was my first experience with Immersion,  but it won't be my last.

Stacy, LA

We could not have had a better experience. Our guide was energetic and extremely knowledgeable. She connected with students and provided them with authentic experiences they are still talking about today. Immersion Tours provided us all with an unforgettable experience.

Liliane, BC

Absolutely loved it! Incredible tour with highly-knowledgeable guides.

Kyle, OH

Overall, this trip was excellent and the kids and chaperones had a wonderful time. Immersion Tours is a very organized company, and I very much enjoy our partnership. We will certainly continue to work with you in the future.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories!

Anne, CT

I can see why a colleague of mine raved about Immersion Tours. I took my very first group of students to Québec based on her recommendations. Our trip was excellent and unforgettable.  I'm already looking forward to the next trip!

Shannon, CA

Immersion Tours took the stress out of planning an international trip with students. I felt supported before, during, and after my trip. My students were having so much fun, they forgot how anxious they were to speak French! I would highly recommend Immersion Tours to anyone interested in traveling with students.

Amanda, IL


I have traveled to Canada over 30 times with students, with at least 4 other tour companies, and we now always go with Immersion.  This was probably our 20th tour with Immersion. The staff at Immersion are always easy to work with. My students can't wait to go next year!

Amy, NY

 I keep returning to Immersion Tours time and again because of the consistent high quality and well-organized tours and experiences they deliver. When the company's owner personally drops in to make sure you are satisfied with your tour, you know you are in good hands.

Rick, IL

This is my third year working with Immersion Tours and yet again they have provided my students with an amazing experience.  From the activities, to the tour guide, my students have come back to Saskatchewan with some unforgettable memories and they now appreciate the French language even more.

Kirsten, SK

Immersion Tours provides the best possible tour experience. The planning process is seamless and they take pains to ensure that tours run smoothly. It is evident that they enjoy and take pride in what they do, and this results in an unforgettable tour experience for students.

Stephanie, OH

Working with a small company like Immersion Tours is great because the experience is much more personalized. Even Christian, the company director, stopped by to meet us and see how we were enjoying our trip!

Anne, MA